Our love of wine spans decades

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We are a small team of sommeliers and oenophiles, with impeccable tastes. Our knowledge comes from decades of experience in the wine industry, however, we are proudly down-to-earth and eager to bring our handpicked selection to you. We champion local wine producers, with family-owned and small wineries. All of our cellar wines go through our buying processes, which involves getting to know the vintners, their vineyards and their ideologies. If a wine has made it into our boutique cellar collection, then it has been thoroughly tried, tested and greatly enjoyed. We also offer a small selection of premier spirits, selected for their superiority and alignment to our standards.


Pale golden hue, with an unusually fine mousse. Very elegant balance of subtle fruitiness and cherry blossom, fresh bread and brioche. This wine finishes on a freshness and minerality that calls for the next glass of enjoyment.


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Our Story

Our love of wine spans decades, and our vision of a unique, boutique offering of wines began in 2016. It was sparked by the realisation that with South Africa producing over 10 million hectoliters of wine annually, and having over 520 wineries competing to get their wines on the selves, the small-batch producers often get overlooked. There are a number of delectable artisanal wines available across the six wine regions of South Africa, and our goal is to bring only the crème de la crème to our virtual shelves.

Wishful drinking

How wine is helping to honour our desire to help others


Wishful drinking

How wine is helping to honour our desire to help others

“Wine and friends are a great blend.”

~ Ernest Hemingway

We are proud members of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, known for their professional excellence and for raising the standards of service, food and wine. Our membership distinguishes Eden Wines’ exceptional wine selection skills and we respect the values of this leading international gastronomic society.
Fire Island Conservation are our carbon offset partner. We do as much as we can to reduce our carbon footprint. However, we are determined to neutralise the low CO2 emissions that are unavoidably produced by delivering wines. To do this, we donate a percentage of our revenues to the NPO Fire Island Conservation, which, at this point, is entirely self-funded. This will help to aid in its efforts to support both marine life preservation and underprivileged communities.